The Supply Chain function is often the first to feel the impact of economic changes, rising costs and new technologies. More than ever, Operations and Supply Chain Executives need to effectively and efficiently navigate a complex and volatile Supply Chain environment.

In many instances, the key to success is developing the right strategies to both manage and mitigate risks while also capitalizing on new innovative technology. Yet, best in class organizations understand that despite all of the advancements in technology, without the right people, it very difficult to succeed in this rapidly evolving business climate.

Supply Chain leaders must be strategic thinkers and collaborators. They create a competitive advantage, they enable growth, they are innovative and visionary. They are forward thinking and leverage uncertainty to take advantage of opportunities. They are influential leaders and are critical to the success of an organization.

With an expansive network in Supply Chain and targeted research capabilities, our team is well positioned to meet the Supply Chain, Procurement, Distribution and Logistics needs in your organization.

Over 90% of our research focuses on the development of passive candidates so we only introduce you to talent that is well-aligned with your organizational needs. Our approach is thoughtful and thorough and utilizes the best in-class recruitment methodologies and technology to deliver the best talent for your organization.